Super Juice™ Spray Lawn Fertilizer

New Formula → Super Juice now has 4% IRON.  The higher iron content will help give your lawn that DARK DEEP green color. 

super juice lawn spray

It’s NOT magic…. it’s a simple blend of ALL the nutrients your lawn needs in a dry mix / spray supplement.  Should be used in conjunction with PGF COMPLETE or other balanced fertilizer.  Allows you to treat EVERY BLADE of grass with a mild dosage of nutrients. 

All the MACRO and MICRO nutrients your lawn needs in ONE SIMPLE application.

Can be used on ANY TYPE GRASS.

Super Juice™ lawn fertilizer is the first ALL-IN-ONE, complete, balanced, lawn fertilizer supplement that comes in a dry mix and sprayed on the lawn. Simply add to water and using a hose end sprayer apply to your lawn. The results are amazing.  It can be applied in a 14-2-4 ratio for a full acre of lawn, or use it at half strength in a 7-1-2 ratio, and it treats two full acres. (Summer rate)

Use as a Primary or a Supplement?

Super Juice™ was designed to be used as a supplement to your current fertilizer program. Very small lawns, that are currently healthy, can  use it as a primary fertilizer (like many golf courses do), but most should use a a supplement. Most lawns should use in conjunction with PGF COMPLETE granular which will fix your SOIL problems.  If your lawn is WEAK… then your SOIL is lacking primary nutrients.  Granulars fix the soil, sprays supplement the plants.

Most homeowners will use Super Juice™ as a supplement to their current feeding programs, especially when FAST results are needed such as during the spring months.  Liquid supplemental fertilizers have been used for YEARS and YEARS by golf courses as a supplement program called SPOON FEEDING.


super juice fertilizer bag


Fast Results

Below… the lawn has nothing but 5 treatments of Super Juice.

super juice fertilizer results




Guaranteed Analysis – LABEL

What’s Inside the New Super Juice lawn fertilizer.

Super Juice Fertilizer, based on 14-2-4 mixing ratio.

super juice lawn fertilizer nutrients→ 14% Nitrogen –
→ 2% Phosphorous –
→ 4% Potassium

→ .1% Copper
→ 3.72% Sulfer
→ 2.5% Iron
→ 1.5% Manganese
→ 1% Magnesium
→ .2% Zinc
→ 1.9% Humic Acid
→ Sea Kelp

Simply add a little Lawn Dye and apply with a hose end sprayer.

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Super Juice lawn fertilizer is the results of two years of development and testing.  We wanted a SIMPLE to use, fast acting, complete lawn fertilizer that made it easy for homeowners to get professional results.

super juice treated lawn