Super Juice Fertilizer Results and Testing

Great story May 4th, 2019

Doc helps out his neighbors from time to time, the pics today are from the “world’s worst Bermuda lawn”.  A rental property lawn that had very little Bermuda left and was full of weeds. After treating for weeds, Doc applied two treatments of PGF granular fertilizer and 4 treatments of Super Juice ON THE FRONT YARD ONLY.

When some people see these results they think that some of the color is from DYE. However, the lawn as it sits has not been sprayed in 3 weeks and there is a SECRET way to tell it’s not.

If you look at PIC 2, you’ll see BROWN patches near the shrubs. A maintenance crew came by and sprayed Round Up to kill weeds in the natural area. It was windy and the over spray, and poor technique, blew some on the grass.

REMEMBER…. Round Up does not kill dye.

super juice fertilizer results


superjuice lawn fertilizer results


superjuice treated grass

March 24th, 2019 Doc’s yard in Georgia.

Tim’s yard in Texas 2019 …

The BEST RESULTS come from using Super Juice™ as a supplement for most lawns.

Because most granular and organic fertilizers are SLOW RELEASE… they are often not available to the lawn in the times of greatest need.  Example: Put out a granular on March 15th. If there is little to no rain over the next two weeks, your lawn gets little to no nutrition. However, if you also had sprayed Super Juice on March 15th after the granular application, your lawn would get nutrients within hours.

Below… granular was applied to the entire lawn, and Super Juice was sprayed on the left side the same day. 7 days later you can see the results.  Super Juice starts working in HOURS… not having to wait on time release or rain to feed your lawn nutrients.

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super juice treated lawn

lawn super juice test strip

Super Juice lawn fertilizer