How Much Nitrogen Does My Lawn Need

Hold on… we’re about to make you think DIFFERENTLY…

“Sadly, we have become a ‘lawn nation’ of nitrogen pounds per 1000 sq ft… rather than proper nutrition and timing.” … Benjamin Franklin……… (Not really, that was Doc)

From Doc…
Super Juice™ is not a MIRACLE treatment.  It is a TOOL… that homeowners can use to supplement their feeding programs or use at higher ratios, more often, as a stand alone feeding system.  Personally, after spending all last year testing the product on 8 different lawns, I will be using Super Juice as a primary during the high demand seasons, and supplementing with organic fertilizer once the soil temps rise. It’s easy to use, works VERY fast, and provides just about everything your lawn might need.  If you add Super Juice to your feeding program, you really don’t have to THINK about anything else other than weeds, bugs, and fungus. There is a certain peace of mind knowing that my lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs… delivered on MY SCHEDULE…and I don’t have to worry about run off when heavy rain periods come through.


 Here come the calculators…

#1 —  I always see people breaking out calculators figuring out the “cost of nitrogen” per 1000 sq ft.  They are missing a MASSIVE point of proper, COMPLETE plant nutrition. If the lowest COST is what you seek, then simply move on. You’re not a Super Juice™ customer.  Super Juice is a COMPLETE lawn treatment that can be used stand alone at higher ratios, or as a supplement in lower ratios. It delivers a FULL SPECTRUM of nutrition.

#2 — I constantly see people wanting to put out ONE POUND of nitrogen per 1000 square feet.  For some types of lawns, ONE POUND of nitrogen per 1000 sq ft is the TOTAL SUPPLEMENTAL NITROGEN needed for an ENTIRE YEAR.  (and you wonder why we have run off issues) 

#3 — Research has shown that foilar spraying of turf grasses, in much smaller doses of nutrients, more often, provides more consistent / even coverage, better growth patterns, and less run off.

Foilar uptake of some nutrients can start in as little as one hour.

USGA (United States Golf Association) sponsored studies have shown the benefits and speed of foilar treatments on turf. Nitrogen as well as some other nutrients can start being absorbed in 1-4 hours.  It has also shown that little to no run off occurs when applied in this manner. Also there is no OVER SPREADING onto sidewalks and driveways, which can then melt and run into storm drains.

“Research has shown that providing a small, consistent amount of nitrogen through foliar fertilization applications can result in more uniform growth and more consistent putting green conditions. This is certainly one of the most important reasons for the increased use of foliar fertilizers among golf course superintendents. Another obvious reason is the convenience of being able to tank-mix these fertilizers along with other pesticides and/or plant growth regulators, when compatible.” MI State Unv. study sponsored by USGA.

Think Differently

#1 – Plants (lawns) require different levels of nutrition at various times of the year, often varying month to month or even week by week based on weather patterns. You SHOULD NOT… take an ANNUAL NUTRITION NUMBER and base your limited feedings on it. Nor should you base your limited  feedings solely on that number. (Super Juice allows YOU to control when the nutrients go out.)

#2 – Slow release fertilizers offer no HUMAN CONTROL on how they are distributed to the ground and to the plant. They are totally reliant on weather and watering patterns.   (Super Juice offers 100% human control of nutrients.) It starts working as soon as it is applied.

#3 – Granular Movement is always an issue with slow release granular fertilizers. When you cut your grass, the granules move. (Super Juice does not MOVE.) 

#4 – Slow release fertilizers are just that… slow release.  We have found much better results and control with limited feedings, done MORE OFTEN with liquid fertilizers, that are balanced and complete.  FYI… the Cannabis industry, the worlds most expensive lawn (plant), has also learned this. They too use controlled liquids that they vary throughout the growing season both in strength and ratios.

Think about this…

Do you know why Miracle Grow Liquid plant fertilizer became the top selling brand in the world?

Because once a week growers could feed that silly green/blue water to their plants and their plants would thrive. They would give their plants a SMALL amount of nutrients every week based on the time of year, weather patterns, and the plants needs. (Not relying on a granular dumped out once a year.) Not only is it a SMARTER way to feed, but a more CONFIDENT way to feed.

Super Juice offers that same kind of confidence.

Still having doubts?

Do a test area.  Take one small area of your lawn and don’t put down any granular fertilizer.  Instead, mix Super Juice and apply every 3-4 weeks or as needed.  Not only will you see faster results, the long term health and thickness of the lawn will improve greatly.

What you’ll find out?

Your lawn actually needs LESS nutrients than most believe.  If you feed your lawn nutrients in smaller doses, more often, and when it needs it, your lawn will be healthier and the environment will be less impacted from run offs. You’ll have TOTAL CONTROL of you feeding cycles and be able to deliver what your lawn NEEDS… WHEN it needs it.