Granular vs. Spray Fertilizers

spray vs granular fertilizers

Super Juice™ is used as  a supplement to your current granular feeding program. If you don’t know what granular to use we recommend the new PGF Fertilizer.

The debate of granular vs. spray fertilizers has been around for a while, but until now there really hasn’t been a fertilizer like Super Juice in dry spray form. We’ll give you some insight into our findings about granular vs. spray fertilizers.  Keep in mind that most lawns do need a BASE GRANULAR program, plus Super Juice.

Did you know that 90% of the putting greens on golf courses use spray fertilizers… and 60-70% of tees and fairways are also sprayed with liquid?  Some of the reasoning has to do with the GRANULAR nature of the product, but much of it has to do with CONTROL / TIMING and EVEN distribution.

Look for the SPOON FEEDING info.

Understand soil saturation first…

Your lawn is dry and it starts to rain. Where does the first 30 minutes of rain go? It is absorbed directly into the soil and slowly penetrates the ground below.  Now, it’s been raining for 24 hours straight and the ground is saturated. It can’t hold any more water. Where does the new rain go? It runs off your lawn into the streets and low lying areas. GOT THAT PICTURE?

Since Super Juice™ is a light coat of VERY FINE water soluble materials; it follows the first 30 minutes of rain. It enters the ground and slowly works down. It is LOCKED into the soil. Granulars however remain on top of the soil and keep “melting” and releasing chemicals.  Time + Water = Release on granulars.  If you have extended periods of rain, like a 5 day rain event, you could see 50 – 90% of your granular fertilizer just “go away”.  Hence the concerns for chemical run off and pollution.

Uneven distribution vs. even

99% of lawns are NOT perfectly level or even. Most have bumps, ridges, slopes, hills, undulations, tire rut marks from mowers, etc.  When you get HEAVY rains, as noted above, granulars melt away into liquid form and that liquid drains to the low lying areas.  You can often get DARK GREEN streaks in your lawn from this or even BURN STREAKS where fertilizer deposits are extremely heavy.

Again, due to its nature of distribution, Super Juice™ does not have this problem. The application is even and constant. The ENTIRE LAWN gets an even coat.

Mower movement and pickup

When you cut your lawn there is good chance that granulars will be blown and disturb the even distribution.  If you bag your clippings, you will see granulars in the clippings. You get the picture.  This does not happen with Super Juice as long as a light watering has been done before next mowing or it has rained.

YOU are in control of your feeding, not the weather Gods

Again… Time + Water = Granular Release.  You can’t do anything else to control the release of granulars and you are at THEIR mercy.  With Super Juice,  it starts working within hours of being sprayed. The grass is absorbing nutrients via foliage coverage. Once you do a light watering the nutrients are also distributed into the root zone.  This is why Super Juice works SO FAST… and YOU have total control of the feeding.

Dealing with Droughts

Once you put down granulars you CAN’T pick them up.  So when a 6 week drought hits your area, you need to stop feeding. Simple with Super Juice.  With granulars each time you water what are you doing? You are releasing more nitrogen pushing and stressing your lawn. Not good. Total control is the goal.

Long Term Storage and Space

One small bag of Super Juice™ will give a person with a 1/4 acre lawn 8 treatments at the 7-1-2 ratio.  Use what you need, close the bag, and put it away in the smallest space you have.  (It’s small)  No more trips to the local home center breaking your back moving countless 40 – 60 pound bags of fertilizer.

No more CLUMPS… seal the bag and it stores for years. We even left a bag wide open and exposed it to high humidity. Some of the upper material became saturated and damp.  All we did was add it to warm water and stir. No problem… no waste.