How to mix the new Super Juice Lawn Fertilizer?

Tips… The critical points

How much water to use?

It does not matter if you use one gallon of water to apply or three gallons of water to apply.  You will still be applying the same amount of (dry mix) nutrients to the lawn.  The only difference is that you can take your TIME spraying it on and not be running around like a mad man out of breath at the end. (Make sense?)

Example: On my lawn which is just under 1/2 acre, using my hose end sprayers, I know that each 32 ounce bottle will cover roughly 2500 sq ft before it runs out.  Therefore I need at least 7-9 bottles of spray mixed. I’ll often have 10 bottles ready. This allows me to take my time and get full coverage of my lawn. Plus, fat boys don’t move that fast.

REPEATING: → → →  The amount of WATER used is not really relevant, other than the more water you use the slower you can spray and walk.  If you have 12,000 sq feet of lawn you would use 4 CUPS… of dry mix.  It does not matter if you mix that 4 cups with one gallon of water or 5 gallons of water as long as all the DRY MIX makes it to the lawn.

How much dry mix to use?

Most people will apply at a 14-2-4 ratio in the spring and fall, then switch over to the 7-1-2 during the summer months.  If you want to apply at a 14-2-4 ratio, use 1/4 of a bag.  You can also convert to CUPS if you want. 1 CUP of DRY mix will treat approx. 1500 sq ft at a 14-2-4 rate. If mixing at 7-1-2 ratio then one cup will treat roughly 3000 sq ft.

Should I use lawn dye?

YES…. Period.  But go EASY on the dye.  Maybe one teaspoon per gallon of mix. The lawn dye, blue or green, will give a light color to your lawn but that’s not it’s main purpose.  The main purpose for the dye is to make SURE that product is coming out of your hose end sprayer.  Lots of times a small piece of grass, leaf, wood chip, anything can block the mixing hole in these sprayers. (Frustrating I know)  If you don’t see BLUE… stop spraying and fix the problem.

Use WARM / HOT water and SCREEN it.

Always run you mixed final product through a fine screen. I get mine from Walmart kitchen dept and use a metal flour sifter / screen.

Water molecules move faster in hot water and that’s why sugar dissolves faster basically.  The same applies to Super Juice. I use HOT tap water from the sink in a 5 gallon bucket. Take it to the garage and mix.  The HUMIC in the Super Juice Fertilizer is probably the most resistant to dissolve. When you screen it, you may see some dark colored particles in the screen. Press them / rub them and they will break down or simply discard them if you want.