What is Super Juice?

Super Juice™ lawn fertilizer is an ALL-IN-ONE… complete and balanced DRY MIX that is added to water and sprayed on the lawn via HOSE END lawn sprayers. Think of it as a MULTI VITAMIN for your lawn.

Why Super Juice™ was developed?

The past 20 years of lawn care research have revealed some important information about nutrition and overall lawn health.  For the average homeowner it can be a bit overwhelming.  So after two years of experimenting and testing Doc decided to take all the best parts of the needed / helpful nutrition and put them into an easy to use, easy to store product…  Super Juice™

What does it contain?

7-1-2 ratio of Nitrogen – Phosphorous – Potassium are the MACRO nutrients. It contains Humic Acid and Sea Kelp, and the MICRO nutrients are Iron, Copper, Sulfur, Zinc, Manganese, and Magnesium.

Is it a Primary Fertilizer or a Supplement?

Super Juice™ is used as  a supplement to your current granular feeding program. If you don’t know what granular to use we recommend the new PGF Fertilizer.

Super Juice can be used as both… but most will use as a supplement.  If you have a smaller size lawn 2000 – 11,000 sq ft (less than 1/4 acre) Super Juice can be sprayed at the 14-2-4 ratio and you can apply every 1-2 weeks during the peak growing seasons. It’s fast and easy and allows you to mix in other products that are needed during the year.  Once you get into larger lawns, it would make sense to put down a slow release granular or → ORGANIC fertilizer as a main base product and supplement with Super Juice.

As a Primary

Very few lawns can use as a PRIMARY. They need to be very healthy and have good nutrient levels in the soil already.

In the full strength of 14-2-4 (one bag per acre) it can be used as a primary fertilizer on smaller lawns applied in times when your lawn needs the nutrients. i.e. Spring and Fall.  During those periods you may want to apply every 1-3 weeks, then TONE DOWN the strength to 7-1-2 and apply as needed during the warmer months.  This gives YOU total control of when and how much fertilizer your lawn gets. (i.e. Do not apply during periods of extreme heat and drought.) NOTE: If your lawn is WEAK, you may need to add more nitrogen. A granular such as the new PGF Granular is recommended.

As a Supplement

If you currently use a SLOW RELEASE fertilizer or a fertilizer that requires microbial activity to work, then applying Super Juice during high demand periods or cooler periods will deliver nutrients faster. (i.e. Early Spring) If using as a supplement to a current feeding program, apply as needed in the 7-1-2 ratio. (One bag treats two acres)  If applying in the early spring, use the 14-2-4 ratio to push growth.

What do the Humic Acid and Sea Kelp do for lawns?

Very long stories… we suggest you simply Google each and read more but here is a summary.

Humic Acids:  Humic acid is a natural soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix which includes a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids. Humic acid enhances the plant’s ability to take in essential nutrients and improves soil structure. Improves plant health, Improves germination and viability of seeds, Chelates macro and micro nutrients to increase availability to the plant for a longer period of time,  Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC), Improves soil structure for better aeration and water movement, Stimulates beneficial microorganisms, which can improve long-term soil pH.


Sea Kelp: The sea kelp used contains a complex array of organic and mineral compounds which include vitamins, sugars, enzymes and proteins that combine together to promote improved wear and drought tolerance.

Liquid vs.  Granular?

We could have chosen either, but we think liquid is far superior and gives you much better CONTROL.  Spray your lawn with Super Juice and your lawn starts receiving nutrients in as little as 4 hours.  How long does it take for your slow release granular to work?  What if you don’t get rain for 7 days?  What if you get heavy rains for 5 days?  If you cut your lawn, do the granules move? If slow release fertilizers work for up to 4 months… how much in nutrients is your lawn getting this week?  WE ARE NOT anti-granular.  We simply believe there is a BETTER way…. Super Juice™  Total control.

Mixing Strength / Amounts?  IMPORTANT:  Read Twice…

It does not matter how much WATER you use… it only matters how much of the DRY MIX is actually getting to the ground.  One cup of DRY MIX will treat 3000 sq ft in the 7-1-2 ratio and if you want to apply in the stronger 14-2-4 ratio that one cup will cover 1500 sq ft.  Example: if you have 12,000 sq ft of lawn, add 4 cups of dry mix to a bucket, 7-1-2 ratio, then add your water. It does not matter if you add one gallon of water or 5 gallons of water.. as long as ALL of that now mixed liquid is applied to the 12,000 square feet since it contains 4 cups of DRY MIX.  (Make Sense?)


We like to use MORE water than less. When you use MORE water… you can slow down your spraying process, WALK RATE, and really soak the grass and soil.  This way you’ll not only have foliage covered, but some of the nutrients will actually reach the soil / upper roots. This is also a good rule during HOT periods.  Using more water and slowing down your walk rate while spraying… puts down a less concentrated liquid… even though the same amount of DRY MIX is being applied to the same sq ft.

How Often to Apply

It varies with the season and the weather. In the Spring, push your lawn, every 2-3 weeks.  Summer Chill out a bit. Wait for a good rain then apply. Maybe every 4 weeks.  Fall, push if it’s Fescue, moderate if other.

Time of Day to apply
The only thing you DON’T want to happen is to spray your lawn in the dead of summer and then have burning hot sun beat down on it all day along. That’s true with just about ANY type of treatment.  So our favorite time to spray in the heat of summer is early evening… then run irrigation lightly the next morning.  In the spring and fall this usually is not an issue. Having the liquid stay moist also helps absorption via foliar absorption, so early evening applications may see better results.

Why does it not have added Calcium?

1) Very few lawns are calcium deficient. 2) Calcium can alter (raise) the PH of lawns. 3) Calcium can clog sprayers and cause issue with equipment.  If you need calcium, order some LIQUID CALCIUM and add it to your lawn treatment. Note: Sea Kelp naturally contains some calcium.

Why add LAWN DYE ?

Yes the → lawn dye used sparingly… will give your lawn a nice even tone / color, but that’s not the point of using it.  The main reasons are… 1) It shows you that PRODUCT is actually coming out and there are no clogs.  2) It shows you where you HAVE and HAVE NOT sprayed.

Is it safe around pets and kids?

Yes, read the label. As applied… it contains nothing harmful to pets or humans.

Does it contain BIO WASTE or MANURES?

No “crap”… just nutrients.

What type of lawns can it be used on?

All warm and cool season grasses.

Mix in Hot or Cold water?

Just about everything mixes better in hot tap water. It has more ENERGY and dissolves things better. We use hot tap water to START the mixing process. Watch the video.

Why not use those DIAL A DOSE sprayers?

The hose end bottle sprayers we recommend give you a HIGH PRESSURE, HIGH MIST spray pattern. Watch the video. The DIAL A DOSE sprayers are VERY low PSI and don’t give good foliar coverage.  It’s also easy to calculate dosage.  → Best Spray Bottles for Super Juice

Can I use a backpack sprayer or regular pump sprayer?

You could… but here’s why we don’t. 1) There is a good chance you’ll have clogs. They have TINY holes.  2) You’ll be putting down the mix in a very concentrated spray ratio of water / Super Juice.   It’s better to use MORE water which will not only cover the blades of grass but also send some to the roots.  Example: Many professional lawn chemicals such as pre-emergents give you recommended gallons of water per 1000 sq ft to use when applying. This not only prevents plant damage but helps deliver the chemicals to the correct areas.

Why strain it before spraying?

We’ve learned, as well as most professionals that spray, that all mixes and liquids should be strained / screened before being sprayed.  It simply prevents any possible clogs.  After you mix Super Juice you will generally see a few pieces of black / brown humic particles that have resisted the dissolving process. Simply get rid of them or if you want… crush them down with your fingers, then re-strain them.

Can I mix in other lawn treatments and chemicals?

Yes, but read the label of the product you are adding. Most will state whether or not they should be mixed with fertilizers. Most can.  Also, mix a VERY small amount, like a cup, and make sure there is not adverse mixing impacts or reactions that might cause clogs.